Monday 31 March 2014

Melonheadz time!

It's time for another Melonheadz Friends challenge! -Spring

It's Spring, it's Spring, or so they say. I see the flowers trying to bloom. I think at the vary least the snow is gone (keeping my fingers crossed!)

Time to break out those materials and make a springy card.  This sums up how I feel about Spring this year

Get it? Spring is going to come when pigs fly! Gotta laugh or it'll get you down :)

The challenge runs for 2 weeks. Can't wait to see what you create. Last challenge you guys rocked my socks off!


  1. Super cute card, gave me my giggle early today. Our snow is slowly melting,on our lawn we still at about 2 to 3 foot snowpiles, But I saw snowdrops yesterday.

  2. Cute pig, great sentiment, lovely card! I think your color scheme is fantastic, too!


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