Friday 27 December 2013


I'm home now after a family Christmas visit. It's so nice to see family and create wonderful memories. As my daughter said ' It's so nice to see my cousins, you know because they aren't boys' Lol.
She was spoiled with girly things so I'm sure that will tie her over until the next visit. Must be so hard having two older brothers!

Before the kids were off on break I was busy making some crafty things. One thing I fell in love with was a Noel sign I saw on Pinterest. It was lovely and so I ventured off to the craft store. When I saw the price was $5 a letter, plus paint, plus a star, plus, plus my wallet cried.

So I started window shopping and saw these great cardboard letters for .75 cents. Now that was in my budget. I headed over to the dollar store and bought a large glittery star, as well as, some white shimmery paint. About 20 minutes later I had this

If you see it up close it shimmers. To get that 'woody' feel on the letters I dragged a fork through the paint. This removed a bit of the paint which then show the kraft letter base through.

To finish it off on my piano, I added a feather boa (dollar store), battery operated mini lights (dollar store) and a wooden nutcracker my husband painted years ago (between the star and the 'E')

So with a little creativity my $30+ project was $5.50! Score one for me :)

Thanks for popping by. With the kids home it's a little hard to find time to craft, but I'll be back in a day or two. See you then.

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  1. Wow it's great!!! and under budget too. It's much better if the girl is born first make it easier to take two brothers and you have a built in sitter. LOL. I worked so hard getting my cards done, my crafty is not there. So thankful Tuesday is taken care of.


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