Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How I make money for Christmas-Swagbucks

I wanted to take a minute and share with you how I bought all my Christmas presents last year ($600) and how I am $70 away from getting my Silhouette Cameo for free. 

This is not a get quick rich scam, nor some pyramid thingy. I refuse to do those, in fact I waited over 2 years to join Swagbucks and listened to what other's were saying first, but I'm so glad I did.

I will jot down some info on how to get Swagbucks and earn but before I do that I want to say that if you decide to join I would appreciate you using my referral code, so I can earn more Swagbucks.

Here it is:

and if you join before Feb 25th you can enter this code : FreeGiftCards and they will start you off with 50 SB (Swag-bucks)

What it is:

Swagbucks is a site where you do things such as : play games, answer surveys, daily polls, etc (more info below)

Each action you take earns you swagbucks. You can then redeem your swagbucks for gift cards. This is open to Canada and the U.S (other places as well). Gift cards includes; Amazon, Home Depot, Old Navy,  PAYPAL and more

What it's not:
You are not going to make a million dollars. How ever much time you spend is how much you earn.

So how do I earn and how long will it take?

Here is how I earn Swagbucks;

I open up my internet and earn 1 pt with the toolbar extention   =365 points/year

I play 10 quick games (about 1 minute each)= 10 sb/day        = 3650 points/year
 (sometimes I let me kids play the games!) 

The daily poll is 1 pt/day = 365 pts/yr
The NOSO (basically you just click through 5 arrows) for2 pts day   = 730/pts day

SO FAR this has taken me 10 minutes a day and has earned me 11 - $5.00 Amazon gift cards.

Doesn't seem like much right? But when you add the following it really does add up!

  • SBTV (watching 30-60 seconds of a video I usually do as  cook dinner) up to 150sb/day  =54,750 sb
  • Daily Surveys (if you qualify) 60 sb per survey 
  • Offer wall-you can do/get all sorts of things on here -get swagbucks for signing up to things ( I generally don't do these unless it's at no cost to me) There are also surveys here in which you can make 48-150 sb each
  • Tasks-these vary in SB but can yield you some good swagbucks 
  • Coupons-yes, you even earn on coupons they provide. Win-win!
  • Swagcodes-almost everyday Swagbucks gives you a free code-these are anywhere from 2 to 10 SB PLUS they have several Swagbuck days throughout the year where you can earn tons of codes
The 2 biggest I use are ;
  • Referrals-that's why I'd like you to use my code ;)  You can earn 10% right now on almost every swagbuck your referrals make-AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO  A THING!!

  • Shop and Earn-if you are going to buy online anyways, might as well get SB for it and pay yourself! For example when I bought some video games for the kids at Christmas I did it through Amazon. I paid using the Swagbucks gift cards that I earned ( so nothing out of pocket) then I received 2 SB for every dollar I spent. Is that not crazy?

I hope you will consider joining. I would not have even posted this if it wasn't something I have tried myself.
People were surprised when they found out how little out of pocket I spent at Christmas (mainly just for my mom who wanted something specific). I also stock up on kids' birthday gifts for the year and use the PayPal gift cards to buy digis :)
If you have any questions,ask away!

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