Thursday 15 August 2013

Birthday fun

I like to think I am pretty crafty. I have been most of my life.

I thought this past weekend I could totally make a cake for my son. So I searched around and found the perfect cake for him. Superman.

I watched how to make my own fondant, watched how to colour it, and even watched how to stencil out my design. And then I got to work. Clearly I should stick to paper projects-lol

So here it train wreck

So I learned a few things making this cake;

- Fondant is super sticky, it sticks to everything
- When they say add water between fondant layers to make it stick, they mean just a little (note the sliding off 'S')
-I should have watched the video on how to lift the fondant to the cake. I winged it and nearly missed the cake, and it ripped in places

Doesn't matter what anyone one else thinks of it though. When my son saw it his eyes lit up and told me I was the bestest mom ever. And all was right with the world :)

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